Gift Cards

Massage is the perfect gift for all occasions!

You may purchase Gift Cards directly from this site using Authorize.Net's secure server.

Gift Cards are available for specific dollar amounts ranging from $50 to $250 or for dollar amounts matching a massage session duration (60/90/120 minutes). They are treated like any other payment at time of checkout (i.e. they "spend like cash" and may even be used for gratuities). The gift card presenter will know the value of the card and may use it in part or whole at the time of service.

  • Gift Cards are typically created and shipped via USPS the same day that they are ordered. You may also arrange to pick them up at our clinic. There is a $1 processing fee per Physical Gift Card.
  • Gift Cards may only be redeemed for massage, skin care and related services and may not be exchanged in part or whole for cash or equivalents.
  • Gift Cards are not in any way tied to a particular therapist or specialist at the time of purchase. However, cards will be honored by all service providers, and gift card holders may request a particular therapist or specialist when they call to schedule.

$50 Gift Card

$75 Gift Card

60-minute session ($80)

$100 Gift Card

90-minute session ($110 Gift Card)

120-minute session ($140 Gift Card)

$150 Gift Card

$200 Gift Card

$250 Gift Card